My name is Rachel Tam and I am currently a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am expected to graduate in May of 2012. I enjoy all aspects of marketing and I want to strive to set my career path in the research and development area.

I believe optimism is a key factor in life’s success. I always keep an optimistic outlook and believe tomorrow will be a better day. To me, it is important to continue moving forward and improve myself as much as I can day by day.

To learn more about me and my brand, please visit my YouTube for my self introduction video.

To view my past experiences and projects please visit my ePortfolio and my online resume.

My portfolio consist of:

Marketing Projects- This folder is a collection of the marketing plans shows the various forms of marketing I have been exposed to.

  • Qualifying Questions – A survey questionnaire created for the purpose of research demonstrating my market research skills.
  • Feasibility Study – An in dept research that demonstrates my international marketing ideas in Cambodia.
  • Aladdin Marketing Project– This project demonstrates my knowledge on marketing tactics.
  • Animal Ark IMC – A marketing strategic plan created to expand local awareness of Animal Ark through various ideas and creative ways.

Management Projects- Demonstrates my knowledge in the management field

  • Cost, Benefit, Risk Analysis– Demonstrates my skills in international management in Thailand.
  • Employee Survey – This study display my employee research knowledge through survey and research.
  • Equal Pay Act/Ledbetter Act– This paper shows my understanding on this particular employment law.

In the research and development field, there will be many opportunities to collect data from resources and people. The past projects display my ability to collect information/data and develop a recommendation from my research. It shows my competency in the research area and my ability to develop a plan based on my findings.


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