Google Is Our Best Friend

If using idea blogs, reading reviews, or social media is too much of a hassle to get ideas, what other ways can research and developers use to gather information and data? The answer is simply the Internet.  For many small businesses, because they lack the budget to do big scale market research, the Internet is a good place to gather those data and Google is the perfect tool for that job.

The Internet has simplified the process of collecting and generating data. To be successful in today’s market, conducting research is a must. With the information they gathered, businesses could adjust their strategies to be in line with the current market. According to small business blogs, there are 5 approaches businesses can take and all five steps can be done with Google.

The first approach is to research secondary data, which are information that has been collected from another party, such as journals and articles conducted by other businesses. The second approach is to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which helps measure keyword usage and monitor social media sites and other blogs that mentioned the company’s name. The third approach is to look at competitors’ site and see what they are doing and what other people are saying about them. That way companies get an idea of the type of products and services they are offering. The forth approach is to use Google Analytics to measure the flow of traffic to measure their presence in the market. It is a way to keep track on where the clicks are coming from.

The fifth and final approach is to conduct online survey. Online survey is very different from the traditional survey because anyone can do it without getting off his or her chairs, and it may also be the cheapest way to do this. Sites such as Survey Monkey and Question Form are free survey generators. Companies can also use Google docs to create and distribute the survey. The results are live and are then inputed and organized into a spreadsheet. Companies can use their online focus groups and invite a few individuals to participate.

Google is a great tool for a lot of people and it is especially helpful in e-marketing. Without Google’s tools, tracking the number of clicks would be disorganized and difficult. Before Google’s time, research and development was done through the traditional way of mailing out surveys and approaching people who walks by, but according to Burns, author of Marketing Research, the responses rate is as low as 4%.


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