Cyber Money

After a the amazing deals on Black Friday comes Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the equivalent of Black Friday but all online. The best thing about Cyber Monday is no one has to wait in line or get hurt to get the deals. As projected earlier, Cyber Monday has generated more revenue this year than Black Friday itself. What made Cyber Monday a success this year was partly due to mobile shopping. The increasing amount of smartphones is a factor in generating all those sales.

Cyber Monday is convenient, fast, and hassle-free. Most of the deals you can get are all online. But with that being said, why is it that people still line up for Black Friday? Why wait in line when you can get the same great deal online? I question that myself as well. I guess its a tradition that most people just go with it. But over the years, Black Friday is getting more and more violent. This year, a lady brought pepper spray and decided to spray anyone who got in her way. I am excited to see what the next Black Friday will bring and to see the changes in shopping habit.


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