Subway Diet?

For the month of December, Subway is doing a special promotion where a 6 inch sandwich is only 2 dollars. Of course, this only applies to two kinds, the Meatball Marinara and the Cold Cut Sandwich. With both being so delicious, it obviously comes with consequences. According the official Subway nutrition information website, the 6″ Meatball Marinara for example has 303 g calories and 950 mg of sodium. That is ONLY the meatball and the meatball sauce alone. Of course, we all like to add extra on top of that, such as cheese, mayo, mustard, and the shakers. With all that added on, the calories in that sandwich is well over 400 calories. The healthiest 6″ sandwich is BLT sandwich, which only has 151 g calories with nothing else added. It does not seem Subway is as healthy as the way they advertised it to be on TV.

The famous spokesperson for Subway, Jared Fogle, claimed he lost a significant amount of weight due to his “healthy” diet of Subway. With what I mentioned above, it makes me wonder which sandwich he was eating. The only way this diet would work is if he ate the veggie sandwich everyday, three meals a day, AND exercised on top of that. As human, who can actually eat the same meal for more than twice? We will get tired of it before we can see the effects of the diet.

Since Subway has been advertising this for a couple of years, they really want to deliver the message that Subway sandwiches are healthy. However, this could be considered as misleading advertising and marketing. Maybe if Subway went into details on his daily diet and routines, it will enforce their claims. There are some marketing techniques that I find questionable with business. However, the general public believe claims that businesses make. As a marketing major, I always question the claims and advertising businesses make.


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