Black Friday Experience

It is appropriate to talk about Black Friday, since it only happened this morning. Last night, at around 9 PM, I stood in line with my friend in front of Target. We were fortunate to be the first 40 people in line. While waiting in line, the workers put up metal bars to prevent people from cutting in front and to keep people in order. While waiting in line, it was cold and slightly windy. During the wait, we were given a map of where the items were located, a Luna bar, and a Luna bar coupon to keep us happy. It surprised me that even during the wait, they were advertising to us.

The manager of the store came out and informed us of the rules to prevent chaos. This year, instead of letting people in once the door open, Target decided to allow only 30 people in at a time. We were told to walk and not run, and they were enforcing the rules. About an hour before midnight (opening), two guys decided to walk up to the front and cut. Everyone in line were yelling at the two guys and one of them pulled them by their shirt and dragged them out of line. Luckily, it was settled without a fight. However, at my local WalMart, a fight broke out which involved 80 people. Black Friday has the power to influence people to act dysfunctional. I guess it really test our patience and endurance.

When the doors finally opened at Target, the first 30 people were let in first. About 10-15 seconds later, the second group (us) were let in, even though it was only a 10-15 seconds interval, we were unable to get our first choice of TV. The first group of people took all of them. In order to prevent the check out lines from building, we decided to grab what we wanted and check out as fast a we could. That plan worked perfect. Our next stop was Best Buy and they had the same system where they were only letting in a certain number of people at a time.

This year, Black Friday was more organized compared to the previous years. It was good to only let a certain amount of people in and not all at once, because fights will break out. And because of the pre-Black Friday shopping that people were doing, less people stood in line. It was a good experience for all that its worth. However, I would not want to relive  that evening. After standing in the cold for 3 hours, I was completely numbed. I will never understand how some people could camp out through the night in the cold. I prefer to keep my sanity even under Black Friday.



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