Quiznos vs Subway

In the current economy, it is difficult for businesses to rise to the top and make a profit. Businesses are in a constant competition with other businesses in the same genre. To make an impression on customers, companies need to put forth their best marketing effort and convey to customers’ on why they are better than their competitors. When making a decision, customers look to see what gives them the most bang out of their buck.

Sustainability is becoming a huge topic and more people are focusing on being more sustainable. Sandwich shops tend to give customers the impression they are healthier and greener compared to regular fast food restaurants. Subway is one of sandwich shops’ biggest competitor. They are widely known throughout the US and around the world. How do Quizno’s compare when the two are are being compared….?


Both sandwich shops can be found worldwide, but the number of sites Subway has significantly outnumbers Quizno’s. Subway was founded in 1965 and they currently have 36,352 restaurants in 98 countries. That is a average rate of opening 773 restaurants a year! Quizno’s was founded in 1981 and currently have about 3500, an average of 113 restaurants. In terms of market presence and convenient locations, Subway wins this round because of their fast growing number in locations and convenience.

Subway: 1

Quizno’s: 0


Compared to other sandwich shops, Subways offer a variety choice of meat, sauce, toppings, and bread. There are hundreds different choices for a sandwich. However, when compared to its competitors, the sandwiches seem typical and similar in taste, the sandwich relies heavily on the sauce you put on your sandwich. Quizno’s on the other hand depends on the meat, toppings, and sauce to bring out the flavor and a variety of original sandwiches that cannot be found in other shops.

Subway: 1

Quizno’s: 1


When Subway launched its $5 footlong, it became a huge hit and it is still continuing to make an impact on the sandwich industry. For a regular sandwich at Quizno’s, it can range from $6-$8 depending on the kind. Knowing this, Quizno’s tried to compete with Subway by launching their $4 Torpedo. Nancy Luna, a fast food critic, compared the two sandwiches side by side in her blog post Quiznos’ $4 Torpedo vs. Subway’s $5 footlong. In length, the Torpedo was an inch longer compared to the footlong, but the Subway sandwich was loaded with toppings. In terms of value, it would be in the customers’ best interest to get a better tasting and loaded sandwich for an extra dollar.


Subway: 2

Quizno’s: 1

Bottom Line: It really depends on what one looks for in a sandwich shop. Sometimes it is great to switch it up and try different sandwiches. Subway and Quiznos both have their advantages and disadvantages. For this comparison, Subway is the winner in both convenience and value. If you are tired of constantly eating Subway, it is always nice to try something different such as Quizno’s. Quizno’s may not have the best value nor best location, but it does have original recipes that cannot be found in other sandwich shops.


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