Cyber Money

After a the amazing deals on Black Friday comes Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the equivalent of Black Friday but all online. The best thing about Cyber Monday is no one has to wait in line or get hurt to get the deals. As projected earlier, Cyber Monday has generated more revenue this year than Black Friday itself. What made Cyber Monday a success this year was partly due to mobile shopping. The increasing amount of smartphones is a factor in generating all those sales.

Cyber Monday is convenient, fast, and hassle-free. Most of the deals you can get are all online. But with that being said, why is it that people still line up for Black Friday? Why wait in line when you can get the same great deal online? I question that myself as well. I guess its a tradition that most people just go with it. But over the years, Black Friday is getting more and more violent. This year, a lady brought pepper spray and decided to spray anyone who got in her way. I am excited to see what the next Black Friday will bring and to see the changes in shopping habit.


Black Friday Experience

It is appropriate to talk about Black Friday, since it only happened this morning. Last night, at around 9 PM, I stood in line with my friend in front of Target. We were fortunate to be the first 40 people in line. While waiting in line, the workers put up metal bars to prevent people from cutting in front and to keep people in order. While waiting in line, it was cold and slightly windy. During the wait, we were given a map of where the items were located, a Luna bar, and a Luna bar coupon to keep us happy. It surprised me that even during the wait, they were advertising to us.

The manager of the store came out and informed us of the rules to prevent chaos. This year, instead of letting people in once the door open, Target decided to allow only 30 people in at a time. We were told to walk and not run, and they were enforcing the rules. About an hour before midnight (opening), two guys decided to walk up to the front and cut. Everyone in line were yelling at the two guys and one of them pulled them by their shirt and dragged them out of line. Luckily, it was settled without a fight. However, at my local WalMart, a fight broke out which involved 80 people. Black Friday has the power to influence people to act dysfunctional. I guess it really test our patience and endurance.

When the doors finally opened at Target, the first 30 people were let in first. About 10-15 seconds later, the second group (us) were let in, even though it was only a 10-15 seconds interval, we were unable to get our first choice of TV. The first group of people took all of them. In order to prevent the check out lines from building, we decided to grab what we wanted and check out as fast a we could. That plan worked perfect. Our next stop was Best Buy and they had the same system where they were only letting in a certain number of people at a time.

This year, Black Friday was more organized compared to the previous years. It was good to only let a certain amount of people in and not all at once, because fights will break out. And because of the pre-Black Friday shopping that people were doing, less people stood in line. It was a good experience for all that its worth. However, I would not want to relive  that evening. After standing in the cold for 3 hours, I was completely numbed. I will never understand how some people could camp out through the night in the cold. I prefer to keep my sanity even under Black Friday.


Happy Blacks-Giving!

I want to start off by wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Not only is Thanksgiving a great day to spend with family and friends, it is also the best time of the year to shop. The time has finally arrived, Black Friday. It is no doubt the best time of the year to buy. The best discounts only happen on Black Friday. This year, stores decided to change things up a bit. Instead of opening their doors at 5am like they used to, they are opening at midnight. To me, it only make sense because people are already lined up by midnight anyways. This gives people more time to shop and spend more. Why make people wait in line in the cold for hours?

A new trend that came up this year is the pre-black friday sales that is happening online and even in stores. Instead of waiting for cyber monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving for online deals, places like amazon launched their pre-same as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving. This year, online Black Friday sales are projected to surpass store’s Black Friday sales revenue. More people are shopping on their phones and their laptops. If this trend continues, would people continue to line up and camp out in front of stores? What would happen to the tradition Black Friday energy that people are so excited about? This method however does eliminate the problems Black Friday causes.

I love Black Friday and it is the one day of the year to get good deals on. The first thing I did this morning was to browse through the online deals happening right now. Some people are not so into the Black Friday thing, but I think it is a great way to spend time with your family. It is great to see people with so much energy and excitement. Although I do feel bad for those who have to work during this crazy day…


Show offs…

How do do consumers perceive value in a company? Is it what they know about the brand or the function of the product? No, there are a lot of things out there that consumers would pay for even knowing when its not worth the price. Most of the time, it is for personal image. Branding can be very important. What is it about Apple that makes their product so popular, the answer is not because the product is amazing or perfect. It is simply because it has the apple logo on there.

A lot of people like to show off what they have to make them feel they are in a higher social class than they really are. I’ve heard stories of people who are on welfare, but yet they are buying expensive purses and luxury items. Why not just settle for something you can get at Walmart for a lower price? Because Walmart has the image for cheap China material. Some people are embarrassed to show their status. Humans like to show off things to others for things they don’t really own. Is this good or bad for society?

Stingy and Spendy, which one are you?

There are different types of shoppers, stingy, normal, and spenders. Marketing campaigns can have different effect on the person depending on their type. For example, if there was an ad for 30% off on jeans, this is how the types would react.

The stingy shopper would be uninterested, it may catch the normal shopper’s attention, and the spender may not be interested depending on their mood. For shoppers that are stingy, 30% off is nothing. They would not pay attention to it until it is over 50% off. Normal shoppers would look into it and see what there is to offer. It is discounted from the normal price, so it makes them feel better about saving a bit.

Big spenders buy regardless of discounts or sales. If they need something, they will get it. Those are the people who cannot wait for things and demand it immediately. Discounts would make them feel as if the product is no longer valuable and they would not feel the same value for it any more. Most importantly, would they feel embarrassed for going through discounted products?

Free Marketing through Social Media

As technology advances, businesses are starting to incorporate more and more of it into their daily activities. With the social media we have today, consumers have bigger influences on business. An unhappy customer can easily get on Twitter through their phones and complain about a business. Within seconds, that message will spread like fire. The reputation businesses took years to build can be ruin in moments. Today, companies are investing more into social media and social media consultants to keep customers happy. Their job is to monitor all the social media activities that go on throughout the day. They can correct the problem as soon as it happens. Social media can also be a useful tool for businesses to connect to customers. There has been a decline in marketing expenses on billboards and flyers. Most businesses use platforms like to keep customers up to date with any new promotions or special deals.

I am reluctant to “Like” pages on Facebook because there are some things I do not want my friends to know what I like. However, when I see businesses with Facebook pages, it ensures me that they trust and care about their customers. I like it when businesses respond to questions that buyers may have. It is a great way to build customer and business relationship, thus increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Method 1: Use it and return it (better than renting)

One of the best things about America is having the freedom and rights to do many things. With the freedom of speech, we can say what we want and when we want. This also applies to returns and exchange policies. Stores in the U.S. are very lenient compared to other countries. When we buy something, we can go right ahead and return it the next day without any reasons. Most of the time, we get our full refund regardless of the situation.

In the past, I’ve seen people who returned a tent at Wal-Mart after it was clearly used. The dirt and dust were still attached to the tent, but yet they were able to get a full refund. Another situation I saw was at Kohls, the customer was trying to return two stacks of clothes. None of the clothes had a any tags attached to it. The customer service desk had to go through the two stacks and had to figure out which shirt was which.

If we did this in another country, the result would be us getting yelled at. Other countries consider all sales as final, and will not accept exchanges or returns. It makes me glad that I live in a country where freedom is given, especially to consumers. I know I take full advantage of this system, for sure.