Stingy and Spendy, which one are you?

There are different types of shoppers, stingy, normal, and spenders. Marketing campaigns can have different effect on the person depending on their type. For example, if there was an ad for 30% off on jeans, this is how the types would react.

The stingy shopper would be uninterested, it may catch the normal shopper’s attention, and the spender may not be interested depending on their mood. For shoppers that are stingy, 30% off is nothing. They would not pay attention to it until it is over 50% off. Normal shoppers would look into it and see what there is to offer. It is discounted from the normal price, so it makes them feel better about saving a bit.

Big spenders buy regardless of discounts or sales. If they need something, they will get it. Those are the people who cannot wait for things and demand it immediately. Discounts would make them feel as if the product is no longer valuable and they would not feel the same value for it any more. Most importantly, would they feel embarrassed for going through discounted products?


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