Method 1: Use it and return it (better than renting)

One of the best things about America is having the freedom and rights to do many things. With the freedom of speech, we can say what we want and when we want. This also applies to returns and exchange policies. Stores in the U.S. are very lenient compared to other countries. When we buy something, we can go right ahead and return it the next day without any reasons. Most of the time, we get our full refund regardless of the situation.

In the past, I’ve seen people who returned a tent at Wal-Mart after it was clearly used. The dirt and dust were still attached to the tent, but yet they were able to get a full refund. Another situation I saw was at Kohls, the customer was trying to return two stacks of clothes. None of the clothes had a any tags attached to it. The customer service desk had to go through the two stacks and had to figure out which shirt was which.

If we did this in another country, the result would be us getting yelled at. Other countries consider all sales as final, and will not accept exchanges or returns. It makes me glad that I live in a country where freedom is given, especially to consumers. I know I take full advantage of this system, for sure.


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