Expensive…but worth every penny

As humans, we like to rationalize the things we do. When we are in the situation, we tend to rationalize and give ourselves reasons for our actions just so we do not feel guilty about it. I tend to do this a lot. Every time I do something that is between the line of right and wrong, I think about the pros and the cons I get out of it. If the pros outweigh the cons then it would be a good decision, but if it is vice versa, I will think twice about it.

With that being said, it gives people a reason to shop. Girls for example, tend to buy and spend regardless of their needs. If they see something they like, they will buy it if the price is right. During the process of decision, they will think to themselves “Do I really need another pair of shoes?” and after a moment of self debate, the answer usually concludes to a yes. After they get home, they will look at it and realize its not as ‘cute’ as it looked.

After a whole process of decision making, they may realize it is not what they wanted. Why did it look better in stores than it does at home? Did the mood of shopping affect their way of thinking? Studies in the past have concluded different types of music can make the buyer stay longer in the store. It could be the display that the item was on that made it look prettier at the store, it could also be the shopping environment, or the mood of the shopper. This situation happens more often to girls than to guys.


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