Corporate Social Responsibility

I’ve always wondered what stores and restaurants do with their leftover stocks. From manufacturing the item and shipping it to stores then onto the shelfs.  After the season is over, stores would mark it down from 50% to 75% and eventually 90%. What exactly do they do with their item? Depending on the goodwill of the place, they may or may not donate it.

About a year and a half ago, big corporations like H & M and Wal-Mart were found destroying unsold clothes. They would rather cut up new clothes and destroy them to prevent reselling than to donate the clothes to charity. While some 3rd world countries are struggling to find something as simple as a tshirt, here in America we are destroying clothes.

Corporations need to take more responsibility for their actions and take part is corporate social responsibility. Places like My Favorite Muffin is a perfect example. They donate their day old bagels to the local homeless kitchen or for anyone who asks for it. I have seen in the past when they donated a bag full of about 50 bagels to an organization. This is what businesses need to take part in. Company reputation is something that cannot be bought, it is gained through action and sincerity .


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2 responses to “Corporate Social Responsibility”

  1. Sophie Wong says :

    Hi Rachel! Cool blog 🙂 how’s it going?
    I agree with you about corporate responsibility, but I think the main problem is that stores, from Victorias Secret down to Wal-Mart don’t want to give out clothes for free even if it is for a good cause. This donation would devalue their clothes and their brand, especially when shoppers have paid a really high price for the merchandise. wouldn’t you stop shopping if you knew you could eventually get stuff for free? Just a thought. Maybe you can change all that when you become a leader in the marketing world!
    Did you graduate yet? I haven’t been keeping track of the years… 🙂

    Hope all is well!

    • racheltam says :

      Hey Sophie,

      Long time no talk. It WOULD devalue their product, but at the same time company image is hard to build. If people see that companies are actually supporting local charity, it would increase their reputation. It’s kinda the same thing with food, local shops donate food for those in need but that won’t stop people from buying it.

      I am on my last year! One more semester and I am finally done. Where have you been these past few years?

      Thanks for visting my blog,


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