“Younger Nuts Are Better Nuts!”

Today I did a bit of international shopping. I went to my local Asian store and found a bag of peanuts. Nothing was special about it, except for the words that were printed on it. If the bag was sold in Asia it would have been appropriate, but the fact that it was exported to America, it was turned into a joke.

The catch phrase of the bag says “Younger Nuts Are Better Nuts!” I do not know what is more inappropriate, the fact that it had that phrase or the combination of the phrase and the kids on the bag. I find it nice that local Asian stores are bring in products from their home country, but at the same time, they should look more into the product before bring it in.

This is the exact reason why we need international marketers. Something as simple as understanding the local culture can save companies millions of dollars. There has been previous examples in which companies did not do research and failed in the foreign market. The Chevy Nova was a great example. Nova in Spanish means “no go”, the name does not fit especially for a car.


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