It’s NOT the same

With Halloween being only two days ago, there are all kinds of candy everywhere. Walmart is having a clearance on their Halloween section as high as 50% off. While I do love and enjoy the types of candy they sell at Walmart, it is just not for me. Today, I had some leftover Halloween candy. The one that left a great impression on me was the Whoopers. It was not because it was extremely delicious or disgusting, it was just DIFFERENT. The taste was so different compared to what I’m used to.

There is an Australian chocolate whooper that is popular among the Eastern side of the world. I grew up with this type of chocolate whooper and developed my taste buds for it. The chocolate is known as Maltesers. Maltesers look exactly the same as the Whooper here, however, their taste is completely different. The Whooper was way too sweet for the size it is and it was to the point where it would burn my throat if I eat more than one. The texture of the inside whooper was not as crunchy as what I was used to, it was rather soft and grainy as apposed to crunchy and smooth.

I personally LOVE Maltesers and many other Australian chocolate and I’ve always wondered why this type of candy has not successfully made it into the U.S. Is it because Americans are reluctant to try foreign candy or have they done market research in the past and concluded it would not be suitable for American taste buds. While I am happy they sell Maltesers at World Market, the cost is almost double the price of regular Whoopers. If I ever want to get my load of Maltesers, I would have to wait until I visit Asia OR just pay double if I truly crave it.


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