No such thing as a free meal

When people buy things in bulk, do they really save money? Costco is the best example for buying huge quantities. They are an exclusive store and will serve ONLY club members. The lowest membership fee is $100 a year, but do you really save more than $100 if you are not a frequent shopper. For people like me, I rarely go to Costco. The only reason I go is with my family.

I sometimes feel the only comfort you find in Costco are the free samples. The samples are not very ‘free’ to me. I feel as a member, I paid for the samples and therefore I have the authority to go back for seconds, thirds, or even fourths. The samples are not free, especially when it was paid for in the membership. Many feel it is embarrassing to go back for more or the sampler will yell at you for it. However, if you think of it at a deeper level, who is really paying for the food? Who paid for their entrance? It is all US; consumers.


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