5 dollar for everything!

How long does it usually take for us to go into the store and buy something? It depends if we need to shop around and look for other stuff. BUT, if you already have an item in mind and would just like to make a quick run to a place like Walmart, it should take less than 10 minutes. The process of purchasing is simply take the item and pay for it at the check out stand…at least that is how it is in America. The transaction is quick and price is already determined. Most of the time, it is just scanning the bar code and the price that comes up is the price we pay. This process is the norm of exchange.

There are multiple different ways of exchange in other countries. Asia is the most common place for bargaining. Everything can be bargained for, except expensive luxury items. Bargaining is a way of life. It makes it that much more exciting for shoppers and it gives them a chance to set the value of the item. That way, they won’t feel they got ripped off because they set the prices. Another way of exchange in other countries can include exchanging goods for goods, exchanging service for service, or exchanging goods for service.Farmers’ market is the perfect example for bargaining in America. If we were to bargain anywhere else, we would not be welcomed in stores.


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