McDonalds- International local Fast Food Chain

In order for a product to sell in a foreign country, marketers would have to cater to the local liking and taste. Take McDonald’s for example, would the Big Mac Burger be as popular in India as it is in the U.S? No, it would be a big flop, especially when India is a country that sees cow as a symbolic icon. They would need to learn everything there is to know about the country they are entering. However, this would not stop fast food companies from expanding their market share. The most important step is to make menu adjustments. Instead of having the Big Mac Burger, they have the Maharaja Mac made with lamb or chicken meat. Beef may not be their diet in their country, but lamb and chicken are fine.


With rice being the essential source of energy in Asia, the rice burger was born in Hong Kong. Instead of the traditional wheat buns, they use rice patties.

Without research, companies can fail as fast as they entered into the unknown market. It is because of their informative research and their adaptability to the foreign countries that McDonald’s is still successfully growing. Many locals may have grown so accustom to McDonald’s food that they may not see it as an American fastfood chain restaurant.


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  1. James says :

    In the same spirit as this post, I write a blog about International McDonald’s items that you might find interesting.

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