Looks can be deceiving

The one thing that I’ve always been interested in is international marketing. Coming from an international perspective, I find many of the advertising strategies to be ineffective. The different styles and techniques of marketing differs so much. Even if a product is exactly the same, the packaging has to be completely different.

I’m sure many of us have seen Snapea Crisps in grocery stores. They are absolutely delicious. Even though their intended use is for salads, I enjoy it just plain. It is made by the company Calbee, which is a big snack company headquartered in Japan. In America, the packaging is very plain and dull, just simple enough to get the message across. When I first saw the product, it did not attract my attention at all. In fact, it sounded a bit disgusting. It wasn’t until my mom bought a bag home that I started to like and became addicted to it. Recently, I saw the exact same product in an Asian store, only the packaging was completely different. It was called Snow Pea Crisps. I bought one to try it and it tasted exactly the same. There were no difference, except for the packaging.

Notice how the one marketed to Asia is brighter and “cuter” while the one marketed to America is just simple and plain. How would the product outcome differ if the two products were to switch packaging?


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