Throw the leftovers to the hyenas!

What do retailers do when they want to get rid of something? The answer is simply CLEARANCE. It happens very often due to the fact that retailers need to get rid of the old stuff to make room for the new. The stuff that goes on sale are often seasonal products, whether it is clothes, shoes, decorations, candy, and ect… Sometimes retailers are so desperate to get rid of their stuff that they are willing to settle by selling it at a super low price. However, most of the time it doesn’t happen that way. They will ALWAYS make a profit off their customers. It sure makes people feel happy when they think they saved 50% on clearance, when in reality, the store’s markup is well over 50%. They don’t do business to lose money.

Everybody loves clearance stuff! What is better than getting more bang out of your buck? It is common for people to wait in line during black friday to get what they want. It is well worth it especially when you need electronic appliances. But I bet many of you have never seen moms line up in front of Target just to get dibs on the off season sale. The day after a holiday is the most popular. Moms go crazy and they fill their carts full of off seasonal items…sometimes it gets so crazy that the scene looks more like hyenas digging for food. Like a man turning into a werewolf when there is a full moon, shoppers turn into hyenas when they see clearance. I have witnessed it before…


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