A penny saved is a penny earned

Ever wonder why almost everything is priced at dollar amount and 99 cents OR the penny amount always ends with the number nine? This is no coincident. Retailer stores are playing mind tricks on their customers. When it is a penny away from the full amount, people tend to round down and not up. In most cases, if the item is $10.99, most people would say “its 10 bucks”, no, its 11 dollars. This trick almost always work on consumers. People tend to overlook the numbers after the decimal.

Since I grew up accompany my mom who is a smart shopper, she taught me every penny counts. She literally meant it. My mom would drive to another store if she knows it’s cheaper. Makes sense…but not when it’s only 10 cents cheaper. Is it even worth the gas to drive to another store just to save 10 cents? She would refuse to buy something because she didn’t bring her coupons with her. There is such a wide gap between my mom and normal shoppers. I would buy the item if there is only 10 cents difference. To me, time equals money. The time it takes for me to drive to another store is already money lost. However, I’m sure she isn’t the only person in the world who shops like that.


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