Character Marketing

If moms are the biggest target market for many food and household products, then who is the second biggest target market? Dads are not the correct answer. Most dads only go shopping either because they need something right away or they are there to accompany their wives and kids. The target market with the most influential buying power are kids.

Kids are the ones who nag their parents to buy them what they want. Usually when they nag and beg long enough, the parents will eventually give in. This is why snack companies like to print pictures of kids’ favorite cartoon characters on their food or packaging. They may not like the food itself but having their favorite character printed on them makes the food THAT much better. Marketers are tapping into kids’ shopping experience at an earlier age, so as they continue to grow, they will stay loyal to the brand. If they liked it when they were kids, they will like it when they are adults.

I may be at the age where I should not fall for that marketing trick, but yet, I do fall for it. Spongebob Squarepants has been one of my favorite cartoon character ever since I was 10. I still enjoy watching Spongebob episodes and seeing products of it appearing in food isles. I can’t help but WANT the food that has Spongebob printed on them. Not long ago, I bought the snack below. And sure as hell, it tasted 10 times better than regular rectangular graham crackers. The character on the bag psychologically affected my mind and taste buds. If it was a different character printed on it, I would not have even paid attention to it.

For only $1.99


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