Coupon Lady

When price and promotion comes together, it creates an explosive outcome. This equation works exceptionally well, especially on moms. They are the main target market for grocery stores and household product companies. This is why most of the coupons are for food items or cleaning products. Moms are usually crazy about coupons and there are many forums online where they can share their coupon findings and sales. Marketers use coupons to attract more moms to buy and often times it works. Most coupons only save 50 to 75  cents, but yet sales increase. Do coupons give mommy shoppers a sense of joy knowing they saved 50 cents or the fact that they THINK they are getting a good deal on it?

Companies are giving out 50 cents to encourage you to buy their product. In other words, this is like a friend giving you 50 cents to buy a carton of orange juice for $3.50. You paid 50 cents LESS than the original price, but you SPENT three dollars on orange juice even though you already have five cartons of orange juice sitting at home.

This marketing technique has created an INVENTORY of items at my house. In my house, we have an overstock of body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, hand soap, and other items that’s enough to last me a lifetime. My mom is a crazy coupon lady and cannot walk away from deals. She buy things not because she necessarily needs them, but because it was on sale. She clip coupons like a maniac and have a stack of coupons in her purse. As much as I want to appreciate the fact that she is saving money…I find this to be cheapness over board. With the amount of coupons she use, I would say she saves around $10 every month.

A trophy to my coupon maniac clipping mom -Rachel


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