cheap-ness syndrome?

As I mentioned previously, price can have a tremendous psychologic effect. How much of an effect does it have on people, especially those who are frugal. I have witness and heard stories of the effect it has on ‘smart’ shoppers. The term ‘smart shopper’, what does it really mean? In better terms, it can be defined as a person who knows where and how to find the best deals or getting the most bang for your buck. In contrast, it can also be defined as cheap skate. Where do we draw the line of distinction between the two?

When I am shopping with friends, there are numerous times when we refuse to buy something because it was too ‘expensive’. The most common phrase i hear is “I’m not paying $$$ for THIS!”. We alway end up driving around to a couple of different stores looking for a better price. It sure makes us feel great when we know we ‘saved’ a little, but in reality, did we really save money when we had to spend extra time and gas driving around? Would my friends and I be considered smart shoppers or just a couple of cheap skates?

I personally would consider myself as a ‘smart shopper’! There should be different levels of smart shopping. The lowest being research and comparing prices while the top level should be intensive coupon cutting/clearance shoppers. I am definitely at the bottom, but my mom on the other hand is a whole different story. She defines a whole new level of cheapness…I mean ‘smart shopping’.

Patrick: How much?

Mr.Krabs: $5.00

Patrick: All I have is $7.00.

Mr.Krabs: MMM, OKAY!

Patrick: Patrick Star, you are one smart shopper


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